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Carpet Cleaning With Vinegar

Vinegar is the most useful tool around the house. It is great for cleaning toilets, sinks, microwave ovens and countertops. It is very acidic having pH value of 2.4. This indicates antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that help in killing the mold from the carpet. It also helps in lifting the dirt from the surfaces. Though it is a great cleaning agent, it is advised to test a small part of the solution on the hidden part of the carpet. Moisten a towel with vinegar and apply it on the carpet. Allow it to set for a few minutes and then bloat it. Often check back in 24 hours for fading of colour or changes in the texture. There are certain Carpet Cleaning Tips that are recommended to be followed by the people using carpet.

Carpet Cleaning With Vinegar
Carpet Cleaning With Vinegar

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Vinegar on Carpet

The carpet cleaning services state some do’s and don’ts for using vinegar on the carpet.


All types of substances are alkaline or acidic. In order to use these substances for cleaning, it is required to neutralize the pH value. If the substance is acidic in nature, you should use alkaline agent in cleaning it and vice-versa. Vinegar is highly acidic in nature and hence required to be used on alkaline stains. These include the stains caused due to urine or spilling off wine. This will help in carpet stain treatment and make the carpet lustrous and maintain hygiene.

The cleaning method that is chosen and applied affects a lot on the carpet. In case of wet stains, bloat it immediately using towels. Spray diluted vinegar on the stains. Bloat it, and repeat the process until the stains disappear.

In case of dry stains, scrape off the stain residue gently. Ensure to dilute the vinegar with water before using it for cleaning the carpet.

If you have a steam cleaner, you can use vinegar rather than the chemical based cleaners. The vinegar needs to be poured into the steam cleaning machine and follow the instructions as laid down in the manual. If instructions have been provided in pouring down the solution directly, add vinegar into the tank.

Use vinegar as a deodorizer. For the purpose, vinegar is combined with baking soda and warm water and applied onto the carpet when the fizzes die out.

Use vinegar for carpet deep cleaning. For effective carpet stain removal, spray some vinegar over the carpet. Allow the carpet to soak the vinegar for a few seconds. Apply the baking soda on the stain. Vacuum the baking soda and you will find the stain has disappeared in few minutes.

It is better to invest in good padding of the carpet. It is the most essential part that would provide longevity to the carpet.


The vinegar should not be used on acidic stains such as soy sauce or ketchup. This would make the stain harder to remove.

The carpets that are made up of delicate fabrics such as wool or silk should not be cleaned with vinegar.

Rubbing the stains would damage the fibres of the carpet.

Never vacuum your new carpet. If the carpet is new or less than six weeks, try not to vacuum it and let it bed in properly. Carpets do contain a certain amount of loose fibres packed in that helps in holding the pile upright. Once a vacuum cleaner sucks this out, the pile becomes flat. It is advisable to use a non-electric hand sweeper.  

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

To Get The Services on Call

We understand that all of you are not an expert in carpet cleaning. In order to help you out, we Carpet Steam Cleaning Sunshine Coast are having professional carpet cleaners. They would be providing you seamless experience about cleaning your carpet. We will inspect the type of treatment that is required to remove the stain and disinfect the carpet. And when the next time you encounter stain and require Best Carpet Cleaning in Sunshine Coast, do not hesitate to communicate with us. You can also send us request to us online and your beautiful carpet will be taken care of.

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